What Our Campers and Parents Say

“My son came home happy every day as he had been engaged and had fun. Reading is his favorite, so getting a book and meeting an author was superb. Overall, he had a blast and we would definitely recommend it; in fact, he told several of his new friends about it already and he is looking forward to the next one you have!”–Parent

“Things I liked: It boosted my confidence a lot by making me answer questions and read out loud. It improved my writing by making me think about different words. I made loads of friends! It was very fun!”–Camper

 “Overall Score: 9/10! See you next year. Thank you so much!”–Camper

“I really really, really x 100 loved this writing camp. I got to meet authors, people from different nationalities. I made many friends! Because of the camp, I’ll become a better writer. The vocabulary will make my writing more interesting. I had lots of fun! Thank you so much!”–Camper

“Most importantly he really liked you as his teacher and that is probably the most important thing that I can look for as that is what will keep him open and engaged with learning. So a very big thank you for that!!”–Parent

“If I had taken a writing camp like this when I was your age, I would be a much better writer!”–Leza Lowitz, prolific, award-winning author and the star-author of our 2018 camp