About the Instructor

Recently, I was reminded that my reading & writing camps are absolutely needed. Families want fun, engaging ways for higher-level literacy learning to take place, supplementing school, especially during vacations. Say no more–I’m back with Tokyo Kids Write!

Presenting interactive, hands-on camps that move our kids from textbooks to hands-on, out-of-our-seats-research and writing that is meaningful!


I am a US National Board Certified teacher who has worked as a mentor for other educators and has led and continues to lead small group classes, whole classrooms in early literacy, emergent literacy and sophisticated writing programs. In over fifteen years as a teacher, I have worked with a variety of needs and communities, both in south Florida, where I began, to the Japanese and international families that make up Tokyo. I have met privately and in classrooms, teaching middle schoolers, high school students working towards college acceptance, even coaching MBA students in their essay writing. I am lucky enough to reach Japanese senior citizens, facilitating writing through the form of journaling and vocabulary work.

I believe in the power of asking good questions, of prompting and facilitating a prime learning environment. I believe that young writers can be each other’s biggest fans as they build community with their insightful words. I believe that helping young people become strong writers will serve them within multiple languages, through relationships, careers, and within every calling and season of their lives.

I lead parenting groups, teaching the importance and skills of asking high-order questions to make story time much more meaningful. I can meet the need of any student at any age. Writing and language, similar to other fine arts, can bridge gaps and bring forward quick and thorough growth.


This summer, Tokyo kids will get writing, reading, and thinking like authors while collaborating, giving and receiving detailed feedback. They will remember that writing can be so much fun!


Join us for an inspiring summer session, August 7-10!

Contact kidswritetokyo@gmail.com Begin a conversation & mark your child’s place!