“My #1 Passion” Camp, Zeroing-in on a Hobby

July 1-9 (7 days), from 10 am-3 pm,

Our Young Writers will have the opportunity to totally write from what they know and what they want to know!

Using our hobby, a favorite animal, or total obsession as a jumping off point, we will learn how to use our excitement and curiosity to write in many different genres!

The young person who LOVES soccer or elephants, say, will brainstorm, research, read through many rich examples of strong writing with subject matter/content, and will learn how to direct the stored-up information and enthusiasm to be the foundation in poems, non-fiction guides, creative nonfiction, short stories, and so on.

Our STAR-AUTHOR for the Subject Matter/Hobby Camp is the remarkable, prolific, and expert, HOLLY THOMPSON, award-winning author of numerous YA and children’s books!


Holly will meet our campers in person and spend time with us for one exciting, intensive camp day, even following-up with our group’s writing later in the camp week.

She will share Notice Poems, a get-out-and-observe way of writing—and we’ll do just that, walking outside in our bustling Tokyo to look, feel, and write.

Campers will connect with this renowned, international and Japan-based author, incorporating some of her very own writing practices into our own, very specific styles, personalized subject matter, and stories.

Every young writer will receive a copy of our STAR-AUTHOR’S novel-in-verse book,

Falling into the Dragon’s Mouth!

Falling into the Dragon's Mouth